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Representing Clients in Warrick County

Warrick County has several courts that handle different types of cases. These courts are:

Circuit Court: The jurisdiction of the Warrick Circuit Court includes civil, criminal, juvenile and probate matters.

Superior Court 1 & 2: Each court is a court of general jurisdiction and presides over every type of case with the following exceptions: all juvenile delinquency cases are heard by Warrick Circuit Court.

All small claims cases are divided between Warrick Superior Court No. 1 and Warrick Superior Court No. 2; and the Warrick County Drunk Driving/Drug Court is presided over by the Warrick Superior Court No. 1.


Warrick County Indiana

Warrick County Information & Overview

Warrick County, situated in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Indiana, is a region rich in history, natural beauty, and community spirit. Boasting a diverse landscape that includes rolling hills, fertile farmland, and scenic waterways, Warrick County offers residents and visitors alike a picturesque setting.

The county seat, Boonville, is a charming community with a historic downtown showcasing well-preserved architecture and a sense of small-town warmth. Warrick County is known for its strong agricultural heritage, with farms contributing to the local economy and creating a bucolic countryside.

The Ohio River forms the county’s southern boundary, providing not only a scenic backdrop but also recreational opportunities for water enthusiasts. Residents enjoy a mix of rural tranquility and proximity to urban amenities, thanks to the county’s strategic location near larger cities.

Community events, festivals, and a close-knit atmosphere characterize life in Warrick County. The county takes pride in its excellent schools, fostering education and growth for its residents.

As a part of the Evansville metropolitan area, Warrick County benefits from regional economic opportunities while maintaining its distinct identity and fostering a strong sense of community pride.

With its blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and vibrant community life, Warrick County stands as a testament to the enduring allure of small-town Indiana.

County Population

As of 2020, Warrick County had a population of over 63,000 and is one of the ten fastest growing counties in the state of Indiana. It’s county seat, Boonville, serves as a hub of cultural and civic activity.

County Economy

Warrick County has historically had a diverse economy, with contributions from agriculture, manufacturing, and services. The county’s proximity to larger cities, such as Evansville, enhances economic opportunities. Agriculture plays a significant role, with fertile farmland supporting crop production.

The manufacturing sector is also notable, with industries ranging from automotive to chemicals. Warrick County’s strategic location along major transportation routes, including the Ohio River, has contributed to its appeal for manufacturing and logistics businesses.

The county benefits from being part of the broader Evansville metropolitan area, which provides additional economic opportunities and resources. Employment opportunities in healthcare, education, and retail contribute to the overall economic landscape.

County Crime Rate

Warrick County, Indiana, exhibits a lower incidence of violent crime compared to the national average. With a rate of 17.6 violent crimes per 100,000 people, Warrick County contrasts favorably with the United States’ average of 22.7 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Similarly, the county’s property crime rate stands at 31.3, which is below the national average of 35.4. These statistics highlight Warrick County’s commitment to maintaining a safer environment, showcasing rates below the national benchmarks for both violent and property crimes.

Warrick County Courts & Locations

Below is the contact information for the local courthouses.

Warrick County Circuit Court

One County Square
Suite 360
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6130


Judges & Magistrates

  • Judge Greg A. Granger
  • Magistrate Benjamin R. Aylsworth

Warrick County Superior Court 1

One County Square
Suite 300-A
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6140


Warrick County Superior Court 2

One County Square
Suite 350
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6213


The Ohio River in Warrick County Indiana

Local Law Enforcement & Other Agencies

Below are some of the local police and fire department in the Warrick County area.

Warrick County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Michael Wilder
Chief Deputy Paul Kruse

100 W. S.R. 62
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-1200
Emergency: 911


Newburgh Town Police Department

Chief Eric Mitchell

527 State St.
Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 812-853-1723
Emergency: 911


Boonville Police Department

Chief Brandon Wells

121 E.Locust St.
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6550

Emergency: 911


Chandler Police Department

Chief Bob Irvin

401 E. Lincoln Ave.
Chandler, IN 47610

Phone: 812-925-6898
Emergency: 911


Newburgh Fire Department

Chief Nick Donnan
Assistant Chief Paul Campbell
Deputy Chief Scott Zoll

540 State St.
Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 813-853-7651
Emergency: 911


Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department

540 State St.
Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 812-853-7651
Emergency: 911


Chandler Fire Department

132 N. Iowa St.
Chandler, IN 47610

Phone: 813-925-6128
Emergency: 911


Ohio Township Fire Department – Station 1

Station 1
2400 Old Plank Rd.
Newburgh, IN 47630

Station 2
3433 Libbert Rd.
Newburgh, IN 47630

Emergency: 911


Ohio River in Southwestern Indiana

Colleges in Warrick County

Local colleges and universities in the area:

Cities & Towns in Warrick County

  • Boonville
  • Chandler
  • Lynnville
  • Newburgh
  • Tennyson


Unincorporated Towns

  • Ash Iron Springs
  • Baugh City
  • Bullockton
  • Camp Brosend
  • Center
  • Dayville
  • De Gonia Springs
  • Dickeyville
  • Eames
  • Eby
  • Fisherville
  • Folsomville
  • Graham Valley
  • Greenbrier
  • Heilman
  • Hemenway
  • Hillcrest Terrace
  • Jarretts
  • Jockey
  • Loafers Station
  • Millersburg
  • New Hope
  • Paradise
  • Pelzer
  • Red Bush
  • Rolling Acres
  • Rosebud
  • Rustic Hills
  • Saint John
  • Scalesville
  • Selvin
  • Stanley
  • Stevenson
  • Turpin Hill
  • Vanada
  • Victoria
  • Wheatonville
  • Yankeetown

Community Resources

  • Newburgh Museum – The Newburgh Museum preserves exhibits and educates all visitors about the history and culture of Newburgh and the surrounding areas’ unique rivertown heritage.
  • Historic Downtown Newburgh – Newburgh’s Historic Preservation District provides residents and visitors with specialty shops, antique stores, and unique dining opportunities in a serene picturesque setting
  • Warrick County Museum – A visit to the Warrick County Museum is like stepping back in time, with a wide variety of exhibits pertaining to our cultural history and natural history.
  • Friedman Park – Friedman Park is a stunning new 180-acre park that is ideal for family picnics, corporate events, and public concerts.


River Dam in Newburgh Indiana

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Given the stakes involving your freedom, reputation, and financial security, it is crucial to seek legal guidance from a competent and intelligent attorney who will conduct a thorough analysis of your case.

With years of experience in criminal defense, Verdelski Miller recognizes the significance of strategy and experience in effectively representing individuals accused of crimes.

A comprehensive understanding of the various felony categories and associated penalties is vital for anyone facing a criminal conviction. Familiarizing yourself with the potential consequences enables you to make more informed decisions and navigate the legal system with greater effectiveness.

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