Warrick County Superior Court 2 – Boonville

About Warrick County Superior Court 2 – Boonville

Warrick County falls within Judicial District 26 of the State of Indiana, hosting three distinct courts: Warrick Circuit Court, Warrick Superior Court 1, and Warrick Superior Court 2. Each court operates with general jurisdiction, overseeing a broad spectrum of cases, with specific exceptions.

Warrick Circuit Court exclusively handles juvenile delinquency cases, while small claims cases are distributed between Warrick Superior Court No. 1 and Warrick Superior Court No. 2. The specialized Warrick County Drunk Driving/Drug Court is overseen by Warrick Superior Court No. 1.

To efficiently manage these courts, Warrick County Judges collaboratively appoint a magistrate to serve all three. Together, these courts boast a dedicated staff exceeding 25 employees and utilize four courtrooms, ensuring a comprehensive and organized approach to the diverse legal needs of the community.

Location & Contact Information

One County Square
Suite 350
Boonville, IN 47601

Phone: 812-897-6213


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