Vanderburgh County Superior Court

About Vanderburgh County Superior Court

The Vanderburgh County Superior Court functions as a court of general jurisdiction, boasting seven elected Judges and five Magistrates appointed by the elected Judges. The court’s workforce exceeds 70 employees, encompassing roles such as Court Reporters, Riding Bailiffs, Bailiffs, Probation Officers, Court Administrators, and more.

Judges of the Vanderburgh Superior Court are elected to six-year terms. Notably, Vanderburgh County adopts a non-partisan election system for Judges, distinguishing it from many other counties in Indiana. In this system, Judges are elected without party designation, reflecting a commitment to impartiality in the judiciary.

Despite the substantial caseload, the Judicial Officers and staff at Vanderburgh County Superior Court take pride in ensuring prompt adjudication of matters. This commitment underscores the court’s dedication to efficiency and timely resolution of cases within the legal framework.

Judges, Magistrates & Staff

  • Judge Robert J. Pigman
  • Judge Mary Margaret Lloyd
  • Judge Wayne S. Trockman
  • Judge Thomas A. Massey
  • Judge Leslie C. Shively
  • Judge Jillian N. Kratochvil
  • Judge Gary J. Schutte
  • Magistrate Jill R. Marcrum
  • Magistrate J. August Straus
  • Magistrate Emily S. Hall
  • Magistrate Donald R. Vowels
  • Magistrate Molly E. Briles
  • Magistrate Renee A. Ferguson
  • Court Administrator Leanne Garbers

Location & Contact Information

825 Sycamore St
Civic Center Courts Building
Evansville, IN 47708


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