Vanderburgh County Circuit Court – First Judicial Court

About Vanderburgh County Circuit Court – First Judicial Court

The Indiana Constitution mandated the General Assembly to divide the state into judicial circuits, each with a Circuit Court. Currently, 90 Indiana Circuits align with specific county boundaries, with two less populated counties sharing a circuit.

The First Judicial Circuit corresponds precisely to Vanderburgh County and is commonly known as the Vanderburgh Circuit Court.

Judge David D. Kiely assumed the role of Vanderburgh County Circuit Court Judge in 2012, with his term commencing in 2013. Kelli E. Fink has served as Vanderburgh Circuit Court Magistrate Judge since her appointment in 2009, followed by Celia M. Pauli and Ryan C. Reed, appointed in July and September 2020, respectively.

Vanderburgh County Circuit Court handles a diverse caseload, with roughly two-thirds involving felony criminal matters and one-third related to civil issues.

The court oversees Grand Jury proceedings, manages the County Law Library, and administers the Adult Felony Probation Department, along with Alcohol Abuse Probation Services/Drug Abuse Probation Services (AAPS/DAPS).

Judge David D. Kiely holds a prominent role as one of the Supervising Judges of Vanderburgh County Treatment Court and pioneered Indiana’s first Veteran’s Treatment Court in 2011. His commitment to specialty courts reflects an emphasis on innovative approaches to justice within the community.

Judges & Magistrates

  • Judge David D. Kiely
  • Magistrate Judge Kelli E. Fink
  • Magistrate Judge Celia M. Pauli
  • Magistrate Judge Ryan C. Reed

Location & Contact Information

825 Sycamore St
Civic Center Courts Building
Evansville, IN 47708


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