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Verdelski is an amazing lawyer, person, and as one reviewer referred to him, "friend". I most definitely call this man "friend" "Blessing from God" such sincere love, compassion, concern he has as he guides you through your case an extraordinary man whose family also supported me all the way through will fight with you and for you. This Attorney has HEART which is rare. Thank you Verdelski & Avril for your extended kindness & love! If you are reviewing this please do take the time to read about "Boom Squad" which is him & his families 'NPO' that serves our community to keep children off of drugs & off the streets!
He is a blessing from God. He helped us. And made us. feel better then we ever have about going to court. He is very smart. and intelligent and presents. his case very positive and strong. I am glad we have him for our attorney
Verdelski handled a civil case for me in late 1990’s and won the case. Excellent attorney and treated me very fair on fee and billing.
My wife and me hired him. This man not only knows law forwards and backwards, he also is a great friend as you get to know him.I would trust my life to him without any concerns. This man shows compassion, and fights for family rights. I can rave on about Mr Miller, best way to sum it up is I call him a trusted friend.
He had to take over from another Attorney who had taken money but did not provide the service for what he had been paid. Attorney Miller worked hard and things worked out better because of his work. Would recommend him to anyone who needs a fair, honest attorney.