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A felony, in Indiana, is a crime that’s more serious than a misdemeanor and carries a penalty of over 1 year in prison. That’s why felony charges should be fought with tireless determination and why you need a competent Level 1 felony Indiana lawyer representing you.

If you’re facing Level 1 felony charges in Indiana or have already been convicted and need help with post-conviction legal services such as sentence modifications or appeals, you can always count on Verdelski Miller to help. Call us today at 812-425-9170 to schedule a consultation.

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Level 1 Felonies in Indiana

Level 1 felonies are the highest-level felonies charged in Indiana. The state generally views these offenses as being more severe than all other felonies and misdemeanors. They usually involve crimes of violence while armed, cases involving serious harm to a child, or serious bodily injury.

Examples of Level 1 Felonies in Indiana

Numerous offenses can be charged as Level 1 Felonies in Indiana. Some of the offenses are usually charged strictly as Level 1 Felonies, while most of the other offenses can be enhanced to Level 1 Felonies under certain circumstances.

The following is a small sample of common Level 1 Felonies in Indiana. Keep in mind that the list is just intended to give some examples of Level 1 Felonies in Indiana and is in no way inclusive of all possible offenses categorized as Level 1 Felonies.

Examples are:

  • Robbery while armed
  • Attempted murder
  • A home invasion that results in serious bodily injuries
  • Dealing in Methamphetamine, Cocaine, as well as Schedule I, and II controlled substances
  • Battery causing death
  • Aggravated rape with the use of a weapon or by deadly violence
  • Criminal confinement while armed.

Penalties for Level 1 Felonies

The potential penalties associated with Level 1 Felonies in Indiana are generally greater than those associated with all other offenses. Being convicted of a Level 1 Felony carries significant collateral consequences and can have a serious negative impact on your future employment, housing, and rights.

Potential Imprisonment for Indiana Level 1 Felony

Level 1 Felonies in Indiana subject the accused to a fixed term of imprisonment of between 20 and 40 years, with the advisory sentence being 30 years. The penalty could be even more severe for those with prior drug convictions or other criminal history.

While the majority of these sentences would be subject to serving in an Indiana Department of Correction prison facility, state law also provides Indiana courts with the power to order sentences to be served elsewhere.

The courts can allow many of these sentences to actually be served on home detention, in a work release program, or perhaps even to suspend all or a portion of the sentence to probation. For a Level 1 Felony, the Court may only suspend the portion of the sentence over 20 years.

Level 1 felony Indiana

Potential Fine for Indiana Level 1 Felony

All Level 1 Felonies in Indiana subject the accused to a maximum fine of $10,000. While Indiana law provides courts with the authority to impose substantial fines, it equally grants the courts a lot of discretion when imposing fines.

What Should I Do If I’m Charged with an Indiana Level 1 Felony?

If you or a loved one are charged with a Level 1 Felony in Indiana, it is always important to keep in mind the fact that you have rights and don’t need to do it alone. Working with an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in preserving your freedoms and protecting your rights.

Numerous procedural steps have to be made following your arrest to protect your rights. The sooner you hire an experienced lawyer, the more you will have your rights protected. Call Verdelski Miller today at 812-425-9170 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation.

Facing Indiana Level 1 Felony Charges? Contact Our Law Firm Today!

A Level 1 Felony is the highest felony charge in the state of Indiana. If you are convicted of a Level 1 Felony, you face dire consequences on your future. The best thing you can do is to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you.

The criminal defense lawyers at Verdelski Miller understand the impact that a felony conviction can have on your future and make it a top priority to avoid a felony conviction. We will strive to obtain a reduction or perhaps even an outright dismissal of the Level 1 charges against you.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a Level 1 Felony, you should give the Level 1 Felony Indiana lawyers at Verdelski Miller a call as early as possible at 812-425-9170 so that we can schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation so that we can discuss your best defense against the charges.

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