How a Sex Crime Conviction Impacts Your Future

Being charged with a sex crime is an extremely serious problem and you cannot act too soon to start building your defense with the help of a skilled Evansville criminal defense lawyer. Even if you manage to secure a lenient sentence, there is no walking away from the fact that you will have a sex crime conviction on your record.

And this fact alone has the potential to limit your ability to reach your full potential as an individual and professional. Let us discuss the most obvious future consequences of a sex crime conviction in Indiana.

1. You Must Register on the Sex and Violent Offenders Registry

The first consequence of a conviction for sex crimes is that you must register on the Sex and Violent Offenders Registry. The entry will contain your name, address and photograph. Your details will be available, upon request, to your employer, your neighborhood association and anyone with a valid reason to know this information.

Removing yourself from this registry is extremely difficult, as you must meet strict conditions and follow the process to the letter. In general, removal is possible only if there were errors in the legal process that led to your conviction or the entry was made based solely on public information, not an actual sentence.

2. You and Your Spouse Cannot Own a Firearm

Indiana law prohibits felons from possessing a firearm. This means that neither you, nor a spouse or partner who lives with you can own a firearm. The fact that the title of the gun is not in your name is not a sufficient defense.

Since the item was easily accessible to you, it is enough to get you convicted of illegal possession of a firearm. If convicted, this offense will involve years in jail and one more felony on your record.

3. Inability to Get the Job You Trained For

Employers perform thorough background checks on applicants. Pressure from society and legislators makes them more aware of the need to create a safe work environment for everyone. A sex crime conviction is a major red flag that will put a stop to the recruiting process.

Your education and experience will not be able to outweigh this huge issue in your past. Even if you manage to avoid any other clashes with the law, the conviction will bar your ability to get a good job for years, even decades.

sex crimes carry severe punishments

4. The Ability to Choose Where You Live

Nor only employers, but also landlords perform criminal background checks on potential tenants. Also, there is also the issue that, depending on the terms of your conviction, you may not live in certain areas, such as:

  • Within a certain radius from where your victim lives
  • Close to schools, playgrounds, parks or other places where children are usually present (if the victim of the sex crime was a minor)

It is essential to hire an experienced Evansville criminal defense attorney and strive to obtain a dismissal of your charges, or at least a lesser classification.

5. Social Stigma

Let us not forget about the long-term impact of a sex crime conviction on your personal life. People will instinctively draw away from someone who committed a sex crime. Friends, family members, neighbors – everyone will start excluding you from the simplest interactions.

This kind of stigma will follow you everywhere you go, because eventually someone will find out about your past. And this is the type of information that spreads like wildfire in the local community.

Hire an Experienced Evansville Criminal Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible!

If you were charged with a sex crime, get in touch with an experienced Evansville criminal defense lawyer  as soon as possible. You cannot afford to leave your defense to chance – the long-term consequences are too serious.

With over 30 years of experience and over 85 jury trials, Verdelski Miller is the legal counsel you can rely on to fight for the best outcome in your case.

Do not lose any valuable moment – call us today to schedule a free case evaluation at 812-247-6453!

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