How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with a criminal offense, you are facing a trial and a possible conviction which will remain on your record for a long time after you finish your penalty. As soon as you are formally charged, you need to consult with an Evansville criminal defense lawyer and start building your case.

For most people, finding an attorney to defend them in a criminal case is a first. So you have no idea how to evaluate a legal counsel’s skill and experience. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Look for a Lawyer Specializing in Criminal Law

Some attorneys practice both personal injury and criminal law. This means that they do not have exclusive and in-depth knowledge of the Indiana Criminal Law and Procedure. The attorney may not be the best choice to defend you in a complex case, where a specific paragraph of the law could undo the prosecutor’s case.

An attorney with decades of experience in criminal law has extensive knowledge of the latest laws, precedents admitted in court and special decisions issued by the Supreme Court, among others. They will be able to prepare a solid case and obtain the best outcome in your particular situation.

2. Find an Attorney with Experience in the Local Courts

A reliable attorney must have relevant courtroom experience in the local courts. This hands-on experience is just as important as knowledge of the law. Over the years, the lawyer has had the chance to learn how judges do things, what kind of prosecutor you will be pitted against and so on.

In the trial phase, knowing the ins and outs of the court gives the lawyer the advantage of doing everything not just by the book, but also according to the unwritten rules of the place.

a good lawyer must have experience in court

3. A Good Lawyer Knows the Basics of Your Case

Pay attention to the information the attorney gives you during the free case evaluation. Even if they do not have all the evidence under their eyes, the legal counsel should tell you:

  • If the prosecutor is likely to accept a plea deal or push for a trial
  • The potential penalties you may face
  • The most common mitigating and aggravating factors that may influence sentencing

This kind of knowledge regarding common criminal offenses is evidence that the attorney has relevant and extensive experience in this area of law.

4. Courtroom Confidence

You need to hire an experienced Evansville criminal defense lawyer who can handle a fast-paced lawsuit. Once the judge sets a date for your trial, things will move very fast. The prosecutor will bring evidence and witnesses. The jury’s patience must not be tried for too long, since they will be kept isolated from family members and friends during the entire trial.

You can evaluate a lawyer’s performance in court by the way they handle the first meeting with you. If they appear neat and confident, able to initiate communication and listen to you without interruption, you can expect the same demeanor in court.

5. Clear and Fair Fee Structure

Most people know that they should expect to pay fair fees for a professional’s services. The golden rule that you get what you pay for is applicable to legal professionals, as well.

You have to remember that your freedom depends on the attorney’s ability to win your case. Do not look for the cheapest lawyer. Instead, look for a legal counsel who explains clearly how they charge fees both on an hourly basis and for specific activities.

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