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Why Trust Verdelski Miller Law with Your Drug Charges?

Facing controlled substance charges? Choosing Verdelski Miller ensures you get the most seasoned and adept drug crime defense lawyer available in Evansville, Indiana.

Verdelski Miller excels in defending drug crime cases and helping you avoid jail time and other serious consequences.

Here’s what sets the Verdelski Miller law firm apart:

1. Unmatched Criminal Defense Experience in Drug Cases

With over 30 years of handling criminal cases and an impressive record of more than 85 jury trials, Verdelski offers unparalleled expertise in drug possession cases. His primary goal is to safeguard your rights and work towards the most favorable outcome for your drug crime case.

2. Tailored Strategy for Drug Charge Defense

Our dedicated team devises a robust defense plan specifically tailored to the intricacies of your case. This ensures a thorough examination of every detail, crafting a defense that’s both strong and compelling.

3. Local Evansville Expertise and Resources

At Verdelski Miller, we take full advantage of local resources and our deep-rooted legal expertise in Evansville. This approach strengthens your defense, allowing us to challenge evidence effectively and establish doubt, even if there are existing criminal records or past convictions on your profile.

Drug trafficking, physical possession, intent to distribute, marijuana or cocaine use, can all lead to severe penalties if convicted

How Drug Crimes Cases Work

At Verdelski Miller Law, we pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of the intricate drug offense process. Our expertise spans from the point of arrest to potential post-trial actions, ensuring you’re comprehensively represented in every stage of your drug possession or related charges.

Arrest and Initial Charges

The legal procedure for drug-related offenses commences with an arrest followed by the initial charges in line with Indiana law. As you face these charges, Verdelski Miller promptly intervenes, scrutinizing the details, safeguarding your rights, and initiating the drug crimes defense strategy.

Bail and Pre-trial Motions

Following the arrest, attention pivots to the bail decision. Verdelski Miller advocates passionately for fair bail terms or, when possible, release without the necessity of bail. Concurrently, we craft pivotal pre-trial motions that can influence the course of the case, from challenging the validity of evidence to seeking its suppression.

The Plea Bargaining Process

Not every case inevitably ends up in trial. At Verdelski Miller, we are skilled in handling plea negotiations, with the goal of obtaining reduced charges or favorable sentencing terms in alignment with our clients’ welfare.

Trial and Sentencing

Should your case reach the trial phase, our team is equipped with knowledge and resolve. We engage in meticulous preparations, from refuting the prosecution’s evidence to formulating and presenting a formidable defense. Should sentencing come into play, our approach emphasizes obtaining the most lenient terms, prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment.

Post-trial Options (e.g., Appeals)

Sometimes, the legal journey continues past the initial verdict. Verdelski Miller remains unwavering, exploring post-trial avenues such as appeals or sentence modifications, always with an eye on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Get your controlled substances possession charges dismissed with a skilled criminal defense attorney

Defending Against Drug Charges

At Verdelski Miller Law, our central expertise is centered on drug-related offenses. We provide a robust and well-strategized defense against all drug crime allegations, ensuring our clients receive exceptional representation.

Understanding the Drug Charges

The realm of drug charges is multifaceted, encompassing offenses from simple possession to large-scale distribution. Comprehending the specifics of the drug charge you’re up against is pivotal as it shapes the defense approach and potential outcomes. At Verdelski Miller, we prioritize ensuring our clients are thoroughly informed about the charges they face and their ramifications.

Common Defense Strategies

Every drug-related case is unique, but there are defense strategies that have proven effective time and again. Whether it’s disputing the legality of a search and seizure, challenging the amount or type of drug in question, arguing lack of possession, or emphasizing medicinal use, Verdelski Miller applies a tailored tactic to counter the prosecution’s arguments and cast doubt on their evidence.

  • Unlawful Search and Seizure
  • Misidentification of Substance
  • Lack of Possession or Ownership
  • Medicinal Necessity
  • Potential Penalties and Outcomes

Common defense strategies against drug charges/crimes

Penalties for drug-related convictions can range from fines to extended prison sentences. The severity often hinges on the nature of the drug offense and any past convictions. However, with effective defense, possible outcomes for drug charges may include acquittals, charge reductions, or alternative sentencing.

Drug search lawyer

Drug Crime FAQs

What are drug charges in Indiana?

Drug charges typically relate to the illegal possession, manufacturing, distribution, or use of controlled substances. In Indiana, actions such as possession without a prescription or trafficking controlled substances can lead to significant legal consequences.

What’s the difference between simple possession and trafficking?

While drug laws can vary, simple possession generally refers to having a controlled substance for personal use, whereas trafficking pertains to the illegal sale, distribution, or production of drugs, often involving larger quantities.

Are there different types or classifications of drug charges?

Yes, many jurisdictions, including Indiana, classify drug offenses based on the nature of the violation. Charges can range from misdemeanor possession to more severe felony charges like manufacturing or distributing controlled substances.

Can mere intent become a distribution charge?

Mere intent, without action, usually isn’t sufficient for a drug charge. However, if there’s clear intent combined with other factors, such as possessing equipment for manufacturing drugs, it could form the basis of a charge.

What if the drugs were never used or sold?

Simply possessing drugs unlawfully can be grounds for a charge in many jurisdictions, even if they weren’t used or sold. The very act of illegal possession, especially when coupled with other elements like quantity or proximity to schools, can entail legal penalties.

crimes with illegal drugs involved can lead to a drug conviction

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