Should My Evansville, IN Criminal Defense Lawyer Have Trial Experience?

Ideally, your criminal defense case will be resolved with a plea deal. There’s even a chance that the charges against you may be dropped. However, a criminal defendant should never assume this will definitely happen. Even if the evidence against you is weak, and your defense strong, you must prepare for the possibility of trial.

The Evansville, IN criminal defense lawyer you hire should therefore have trial experience. Our seasoned legal team takes a close look at this issue. You can contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation.

A Trial Is Always Possible

Your attorney will work, where possible, to secure a plea deal or dismissal. Your lawyer will begin by reviewing the evidence the prosecution has and comparing it to the charges. Then, if the circumstances allow, your attorney will begin negotiating a plea deal or dismissal of charges.

But plea bargains can fall apart. Judges can even reject a deal if they believe it will not do justice or serve the public interest. No matter how strong you believe the deal is, never assume a trial will absolutely never happen.

Experience May Help You With a Plea Deal

Courtroom experience is therefore an essential component of strong legal counsel. But it can also assist with making another plea deal down the road. What many defendants don’t realize is that plea bargains can be made after a trial commences.

Your Evansville, IN lawyer can gauge the strength of the state’s evidence before or even after your trial starts. If it becomes clear that the prosecution cannot meet its burden of proof, your lawyer may negotiate a deal. Having courtroom experience greatly enhances the ability of your attorney to do so.

Are Too Many Plea Bargains a Bad Sign?

You should find out how many cases your lawyer has settled by way of plea deals. A high number of such bargains may sound like a good thing. But it could indicate an unwillingness on the part of your lawyer to go to court.

Remember, just because a plea deal is reached does not mean it was necessarily in the defendant’s best interest. A trial may have resulted in a better outcome. So be sure to gauge the willingness of your lawyer to take your case to a jury if necessary.

Hire an Attorney Experienced With Your Charges

Trial experience does not mean that your lawyer has tried just any case. Your lawyer should have experience handling the exact type of criminal case being prosecuted against you. An attorney who occasionally handles traffic tickets is probably not the best person to defend you against drug charges.

If you are considering possible attorneys to represent you, ask about trial experience. And be sure to determine whether your potential lawyer has handled the specific type of charges being pursued against you.

What Is Your Lawyer’s Track Record of Success?

A closely related question you’ve likely already considered: how often has your lawyer prevailed in the courtroom? It is valid to ask what sort of track record your Evansville, IN criminal defense attorney has. Success is sometimes measured on appeal, too. Perhaps a case that your lawyer tried was later overturned on appeal. This could speak positively of your attorney’s courtroom experience, so ask about this as well.

But a word of caution is in order. Every criminal case is different. And past courtroom victories are no guarantee that you will win your trial. It is only natural to want an attorney who has successfully defended others in your shoes. However, this does not necessarily mean you will prevail in the courtroom.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm Has Answers

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, you’re likely overwhelmed right now. And you undoubtedly have questions. Many of these will concern your lawyer’s experience, in and out of the courtroom.

Our criminal defense firm in Evansville, IN is ready to answer the questions and concerns you have. Reach out to us to begin working on your defense today.

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