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Why Trust Verdelski Miller Law with Your Assault Charges?

Facing assault charges? Choosing Verdelski Miller ensures you get the most experienced and effective criminal defense lawyer available in Southern Indiana.

Verdelski Miller excels in defending assault cases.

Here’s what sets the Verdelski Miller law firm apart:

1. Unparalleled Criminal Defense Experience in Assault Cases

With over 30 years of handling criminal cases and more than 85 jury trials behind him, Verdelski brings unmatched expertise in assault cases to safeguard your rights and secure the best outcome for your future.

2. Strategic Planning for Assault Defense Cases

Our team devises a robust defense strategy tailored to your specific case, ensuring no detail is overlooked, and your representation is strong and compelling.

3. Local Evansville Resources and Expertise

We utilize local resources and legal expertise to fortify your defense, challenge evidence, and establish doubt, even if you have current criminal records or previous convictions.

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How Assault Cases Work

At Verdelski Miller Law, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the intricate assault case process. Our expertise spans from the moment of arrest to potential post-trial options, ensuring you’re effectively represented at each stage.

Arrest and Initial Charges

The criminal law enforcement process begins with an arrest followed by initial charges. When facing criminal charges, Verdelski Miller steps in to assess the situation, ensuring your rights are upheld and initiating the defense strategy.

Bail and Pre-trial Motions

After arrest, determining bail becomes a priority. Verdelski Miller advocates vigorously for fair bail conditions or release without bail. Concurrently, we prepare critical pre-trial motions that can influence the case’s direction, from challenging evidence to requesting its suppression.

The Plea Bargaining Process

Not all cases proceed to trial. At Verdelski Miller, we adeptly navigate plea negotiations, aiming to secure reduced charges or favorable sentencing terms when in the best interests of our clients.

Trial and Sentencing

Should your case go to trial, our team is armed with experience and tenacity. We meticulously prepare, from challenging the prosecution’s evidence to presenting a compelling and effective defense itself. If the outcome results in sentencing, we advocate for the most lenient terms, emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment.

Post-trial Options (e.g., Appeals)

The legal journey doesn’t necessarily end after the verdict. Verdelski Miller remains committed, exploring post-trial options like appeals or sentence modifications, always striving for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Call the Verdelski Miller law office for a strong defense against domest violence, assault and battery, and other offenses.

Defending Against Assault Charges

At Verdelski Miller Law, we specialize in criminal justice, providing an aggressive and well-strategized defense against assault charges, ensuring that our clients receive the best representation possible.

Understanding the Criminal Charges

Assault charges can be complex, varying greatly between felony and misdemeanor charges. It’s essential to grasp the specifics of the criminal charge that you’re facing, as this dictates both the defense strategy and potential consequences. Verdelski Miller ensures clients are well-informed about their charges and what they entail.

Common Defense Strategies

Every assault case is unique, but certain criminal defense attorneys’ strategies frequently prove effective. Whether it’s arguing self-defense, highlighting lack of intent, or challenging the credibility of witnesses, Verdelski Miller employs a tailored approach to counter the prosecution’s narrative and cast doubt on their evidence.

  • Claim of Self-Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Mistaken Identity

Common Defense Strategies against assault

Potential Penalties and Outcomes

Assault convictions can result in penalties ranging from fines to jail time. The severity often depends on the nature of the accused assault and any prior convictions. However, with the right defense, outcomes can also include acquittals, reduced charges, or alternative sentences.

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What constitutes assault in Indiana?

An assault typically involves an intentional act that causes another person to fear that they will be physically harmed, even if no actual physical contact occurs.

What’s the difference between assault and battery?

While laws can vary by jurisdiction, assault generally refers to the threat of harm, while battery involves actual physical contact. For example, swinging a fist might be considered assault in Indiana, but the moment it connects with someone, it would be battery.

Are there different degrees or types of assault?

Yes, many jurisdictions classify assault into different degrees of offenses or levels based on severity and intent. For instance, aggravated assault typically involves a weapon or the intent to commit a more serious crime.

Can words alone be considered assault?

Typically, words alone do not constitute an assault. However, if combined with threatening actions, they can form the basis of an assault charge.

What if the person didn’t actually hit or injure anyone?

Physical injury isn’t always necessary for an assault charge. The mere threat of violence, where the victim fears for their safety, can be enough in many jurisdictions to form a criminal case.

Felony charges could lead to serious penalties such as jail time, probation, fines and more.

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Verdelski is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the state of Indiana and an expert within the criminal justice system. If you need outstanding criminal defense in Evansville, Indiana, contact the Verdelski Miller law office today at 812-425-9170


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