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With over 30 years of experience in the field of criminal defense, Verdelski has cemented his reputation as a seasoned attorney. He has confidently represented his clients in over 85 jury trial cases, consistently striving for justice and fairness. He is deeply committed to and passionate about defending the rights of individuals. It’s his firm belief that everyone deserves their rights to be respected and upheld in the court of law. As your attorney, you can trust in his dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to defending your rights.

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Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Assault & Battery Crimes Lawyer
Meet Verdelski Miller

Meet Verdelski

Verdelski Miller, a seasoned attorney hailing from Evansville, IN, boasts an impressive career spanning over 35 years. Throughout his legal journey, he has remarkably handled over 85 jury trials, attesting to his vast experience and expertise in the courtroom.

Pierina Francesca Alvarado

Executive Assistant

Pierina Francesca Alvarado, Verdelski Miller’s trusted Executive Assistant from Lima, Peru, has served the Evansville, IN Hispanic community for over 13 years. Throughout the years, she has assisted numerous clients with everything from introductory meetings to providing legal advice, demonstrating her extensive experience in client assistance.

Pierina Francesca Alvarado

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